Past & Recent projects

The research group has been involved in several projects ranging across several research areas. Here is a list of the currently active projects.

Smart Waste Collection

A PhD Scholarship on the topic of Smart Waste Collection is available.


The patient admission scheduling (PAS) problem consists assigning patients to beds in such a way to maximize both medical treatment effectiveness and patients' comfort. The problem has been defined by Demeester et al.


We tackle complex real-world variants of the classical Vehicle Routing Problem and Three Dimensional Packing Problem, with a lot of practical features. In the web site we make available our real-world instances, along with our best results.

Educational Timetabling

The educational timetabling problem consists in scheduling a sequence of events (typically lectures or examinations) which involves teachers and students in a prefixed period of time, satisfying a set of constraints of various types.


EasyLocal is an object-oriented framework that can be used as a general tool for the development of local search algorithms in C++. The basic idea of EasyLocal is to capture the essential features of most local search metaheuristics, and their possible compositions.